A rapid expansion from Los Angeles into San Diego, Santa Barbara and markets inland puts Knock Home Swap well ahead of its "21 in 21" available markets goal.
Today’s real estate consumers believe how they live within their communities is just as important as the layout of their homes. Understanding this shift is crucial for real estate professionals. Here's why.
Without even realizing it, agents often get in their own way and self-sabotage their success by making excuses. As a result, they miss out on important opportunities to grow. Do any of these common excuses sound familiar?
Solid, high-performing teams are built from the inside out. They are developed, grown and cultivated with purpose. Here are seven themes they have in common. 
The questions and strategic concerns of an MLS doing business with one of its participants are valid. It's not just that the MLS is doing business with one of its customers but also the vendor-customer is now providing core services to its competitors — other MLS customers.
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